Officici Cosmetica Antichi Ricordi Snc, natural handmade soaps
Officici Cosmetica Antichi Ricordi Snc, natural handmade soaps

Sapone antichi Ricordi

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  • 06/01/2020
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Passion, curiosity & agrave; and respect for the environment are the values ​​on which Officina Cosmetica Antichi Ricordi is based to offer on the market a natural soap, dermatologically tested , for daily cleansing based on olive oil or coconut oil suitable for all skin types.

In fact, we produce soap as our grandparents did, with low environmental impact recipes, trying to limit the pi & ugrave; possible emissions into the atmosphere and the use of water, using natural ingredients and oils. Finally, & nbsp; we season it naturally for a long time , without forcing drying times.

Why is it? the things of the past were done with love, in a natural way and without artifices and & egrave; cos & igrave; that we want to propose on the market, a simple soap made with very few ingredients, without the addition of preservatives and parabens, 100% free from animal tests & nbsp; and with an essential and recyclable packaging </ em > </ p>

Why & eacute; our goal & egrave; take care of your skin in a natural way without damaging the environment around us.

Here you can find a wide assortment of natural soaps, from the single 100 gram bar to the 1 kg bar of soap, nice gift packs to give those you love a fresh and natural product, 100% Made in Italy and the ideal raw materials to try your hand in the production of home made soap or to be used for home care.

You can also buy the 1 kg soap bar to share with family and friends. Have you ever thought about creating a small condominium buying group, a neighborhood group or just a group of friends? You buy at lower prices. advantageous and the transport costs are divided. & nbsp; Visit the dedicated section of our site. 

Come and visit us at our Factory Shop . You will be able to buy the Ricordi Antichi sliced ​​soaps at advantageous prices !! You will also find concentrated draft detergents & hellip; & Nbsp; & nbsp; </ em> </ p>
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& nbsp; - Plastic + Savings = Happy Environment
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tutti prodotti naturali meno plastica essendo molto ...

natural handmade soaps

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natural handmade soaps

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natural handmade soaps

Natural soap, dermatologically tested

natural handmade soaps

Respect for health and for the environment

natural handmade soaps

100% free from animal testing

natural handmade soaps

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